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Electrical Work     Please call Jay 07504 079940 to arrange for a free quote 

Labour only prices given, materials cost extra

  (updated 9th Sept. 2017)  

New Consumer unit (FUSE BOARD)
fitted from £250  depending on the size of your house and number of circuits you have

Mains Smoke alarm fitted with surface wiring from £150 

Additional interconnected smoke alarms fitted from £80 each on top of the above price

Electrical shower
Just the replacement shower fitted £110
Just the isolator (switch) changed £70
New circuit installed £200-£500

Electrical oven/cooker
Fitting your new oven/cooker to existing CCU £50
Wire for connecting your new appliance £20
Replacing CCU/switch  £70
New circuit installed £200-£500

switch replaced £40 for ONE and £20 each after that
switch moved from one point to the other point from £100

Socket replaced £40 for ONE and £20 each after that
One socket added nearby to another from £50
Socket circuit not working? £50-£300 for fault finding

Ceiling rose replaced for £40 for ONE and £20 each after that
Light fitting £40 for ONE and £30 each after that

Chandeliers from £50
Two way lighting circuit(hall and landing usually) fault finding £50-£200
New two way light circuit (£200-£500) 

Ceiling recessed downlights fitted from £250 
Kitchen cabinets/plinth led lights from £200
Fitting external weatherproof lighting £100 plus £80 per additional point if the wiring connection is accessible 

Extractor fan
Fitting to existing supply and hole £150
New hole and new supply from a nearby lights circuit/point £350

Ceiling Fan fitted from £60

Electrical storage heaters replacement fitting from £150

For full house rewiring please call for a free no obligation quote


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